Cine & T.V Artistes' Association

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Asscociation Information

  1. Any artiste, who has performed/appeared in a released feature film (in any language) in a prominent role(s), can apply, after showing the CD/DVD.
  2. TV artiste’s can apply for CINTAA Membership, if they have performed in 6 episodes of any one or more, released/ telecasted TV serial(s) / telefilm(s), in prominent role’s.
  3. Any artiste having diploma in acting from NSD/F.T.I.I. or any other government recognised institution is eligible for regular membership directly.
  4. One who is engaged by some producer(s) and is working in a feature film/tv serial/ telefilm, but not fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions, can apply for work permit by producing proper agreement(s) from the producer(s) supporting his/her eligibility.
  5. Final decision lies with the executive committee.

Registration Fee

Rs. 15,000.00
Rs. 900.00

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