8th International Conference on Advances in Metrology

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Metrology plays a key role in the development of society, economy and trade. Precision engineering, advanced communication methods, computing, environmental engineering, health care and nano-metrologies have put pressing demands on "National Measurement Institutes" (NMIs) for the realization of the standards of physical and chemical measurements with highest levels of accuracies and traceability to the international measurement system.

The International Conference "Advances in Metrology" (AdMet) is one of the major scientific events organized in India once in every three years, along with pre-conference workshops in selected fields of metrology. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), a constituent of the "Council of Scientific & Industrial Research" (CSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, is the NMI of India. Maintenance of national standards of physical measurements and metrology is one of its major mandates. The main objective of AdMet series is to provide a platform to metrologists, technocrats, researchers and students to present their research and development work, share their experience, identify thrust areas of R&D and foster collaborations with the fellow scientists from all over the world. The emphasis of AdMet 2013 will be on advances in quantum metrology with particular emphasis on time & frequency standards, electrical variables like voltage, resistance and current, development of quantum candela, precision measurements of nanoscale forces, dimensions, magnetic moments and photon flux. Special sessions will be organized on chemical and industrial metrology.


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