APCON 2017

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  1. It is not mandatory to register for the IAPM to attend IAP-ID, you can register for any one of them or both the conferences.
  2. If you are registering for IAPM you can opt to attend IAP-ID with in the registration form, you don't need to register separately for IAP-ID conference.


Registration Fee

  TypeEarly Bird - Upto 31st March, 201701st April to 30th June 201701st July to 15th August 201716th August to 30th November 2017Spot Registration
Rs. 7,000.00Rs. 7,500.00Rs. 8,000.00Rs. 8,500.00Rs. 9,000.00
Rs. 7,500.00Rs. 8,000.00Rs. 8,500.00Rs. 9,000.00Rs. 10,000.00
Rs. 6,000.00Rs. 6,500.00Rs. 7,000.00Rs. 7,500.00Rs. 8,000.00

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