Registration Fee


Registration Fee

  TypeEarly Bird-till 31st May, 20171st June-31st Aug 20171st Sep-31st Dec 20171st Jan-31st Jan 2018Spot Registration
Rs. 6,100.00Rs. 7,500.00Rs. 8,600.00Rs. 9,400.00Rs. 11,000.00
Rs. 7,200.00Rs. 8,600.00Rs. 11,900.00Rs. 13,200.00Rs. 16,500.00
Rs. 5,000.00Rs. 5,800.00Rs. 6,400.00Rs. 6,600.00Rs. 7,200.00
Rs. 24,304.00Rs. 25,704.00Rs. 26,804.00Rs. 27,604.00
Rs. 30,984.00Rs. 32,884.00Rs. 34,854.00Rs. 35,884.00
Rs. 25,404.00Rs. 26,804.00Rs. 30,104.00Rs. 31,404.00
Rs. 32,084.00Rs. 33,984.00Rs. 37,884.00Rs. 39,684.00
Rs. 23,204.00Rs. 24,004.00Rs. 24,604.00Rs. 24,804.00
Rs. 29,884.00Rs. 31,184.00Rs. 32,384.00Rs. 33,084.00
Rs. 12,690.00Rs. 14,090.00Rs. 15,190.00Rs. 15,990.00
Rs. 18,230.00Rs. 20,130.00Rs. 21,830.00Rs. 23,130.00
Rs. 13,790.00Rs. 15,190.00Rs. 18,490.00Rs. 19,790.00
Rs. 19,330.00Rs. 21,230.00Rs. 25,130.00Rs. 26,930.00
Rs. 11,590.00Rs. 12,390.00Rs. 12,990.00Rs. 13,190.00
Rs. 17,130.00Rs. 18,430.00Rs. 19,630.00Rs. 20,330.00
Rs. 11,050.00Rs. 12,450.00Rs. 13,550.00Rs. 14,350.00
Rs. 16,600.00Rs. 18,500.00Rs. 20,200.00Rs. 21,500.00
Rs. 12,150.00Rs. 13,550.00Rs. 16,850.00Rs. 18,150.00
Rs. 17,700.00Rs. 19,600.00Rs. 23,500.00Rs. 25,300.00
Rs. 9,950.00Rs. 10,750.00Rs. 11,350.00Rs. 11,550.00
Rs. 15,500.00Rs. 16,800.00Rs. 18,000.00Rs. 18,700.00
Rs. 17,050.00Rs. 18,450.00Rs. 19,550.00Rs. 20,350.00
Rs. 23,680.00Rs. 25,580.00Rs. 27,280.00Rs. 28,580.00
Rs. 18,150.00Rs. 19,550.00Rs. 22,850.00Rs. 24,150.00
Rs. 24,780.00Rs. 26,680.00Rs. 30,580.00Rs. 32,380.00
Rs. 15,950.00Rs. 16,750.00Rs. 17,350.00Rs. 17,550.00
Rs. 22,580.00Rs. 23,880.00Rs. 25,080.00Rs. 25,780.00
Rs. 18,680.00Rs. 20,080.00Rs. 21,180.00Rs. 21,980.00
Rs. 24,230.00Rs. 26,130.00Rs. 27,830.00Rs. 29,130.00
Rs. 19,780.00Rs. 21,180.00Rs. 24,480.00Rs. 25,780.00
Rs. 25,330.00Rs. 27,230.00Rs. 31,130.00Rs. 32,930.00
Rs. 17,580.00Rs. 18,380.00Rs. 18,980.00Rs. 19,180.00
Rs. 23,130.00Rs. 24,430.00Rs. 25,630.00Rs. 26,330.00
Rs. 33,656.00Rs. 35,056.00Rs. 36,156.00Rs. 36,956.00
Rs. 41,176.00Rs. 43,076.00Rs. 44,776.00Rs. 46,076.00
Rs. 34,756.00Rs. 36,156.00Rs. 39,456.00Rs. 40,756.00
Rs. 42,276.00Rs. 44,176.00Rs. 48,076.00Rs. 49,876.00
Rs. 32,556.00Rs. 33,356.00Rs. 33,956.00Rs. 34,156.00
Rs. 40,076.00Rs. 41,376.00Rs. 42,576.00Rs. 43,276.00
Rs. 16,235.00Rs. 17,635.00Rs. 18,735.00Rs. 19,535.00
Rs. 22,045.00Rs. 23,945.00Rs. 25,645.00Rs. 26,945.00
Rs. 17,335.00Rs. 18,735.00Rs. 22,035.00Rs. 23,335.00
Rs. 23,145.00Rs. 25,045.00Rs. 28,945.00Rs. 30,745.00
Rs. 15,135.00Rs. 15,935.00Rs. 16,535.00Rs. 16,735.00
Rs. 20,945.00Rs. 22,245.00Rs. 23,445.00Rs. 24,145.00
Rs. 13,775.00Rs. 15,175.00Rs. 16,275.00Rs. 17,075.00
Rs. 19,600.00Rs. 21,500.00Rs. 23,200.00Rs. 24,500.00
Rs. 14,875.00Rs. 16,275.00Rs. 19,575.00Rs. 20,875.00
Rs. 20,700.00Rs. 22,600.00Rs. 26,500.00Rs. 28,300.00
Rs. 12,675.00Rs. 13,475.00Rs. 14,075.00Rs. 14,275.00
Rs. 18,500.00Rs. 19,800.00Rs. 21,000.00Rs. 21,700.00
Rs. 22,775.00Rs. 24,175.00Rs. 25,275.00Rs. 26,075.00
Rs. 30,220.00Rs. 32,120.00Rs. 33,820.00Rs. 35,120.00
Rs. 23,875.00Rs. 25,275.00Rs. 28,575.00Rs. 29,875.00
Rs. 31,320.00Rs. 33,220.00Rs. 37,120.00Rs. 38,920.00
Rs. 21,675.00Rs. 22,475.00Rs. 23,075.00Rs. 23,275.00
Rs. 29,120.00Rs. 30,420.00Rs. 31,620.00Rs. 32,320.00
Rs. 25,220.00Rs. 26,620.00Rs. 27,720.00Rs. 28,520.00
Rs. 31,045.00Rs. 32,945.00Rs. 34,645.00Rs. 35,945.00
Rs. 26,320.00Rs. 27,720.00Rs. 31,020.00Rs. 32,320.00
Rs. 32,145.00Rs. 34,045.00Rs. 37,945.00Rs. 39,745.00
Rs. 24,120.00Rs. 24,920.00Rs. 25,520.00Rs. 25,720.00
Rs. 29,945.00Rs. 31,245.00Rs. 32,445.00Rs. 33,145.00

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