67th IFC 2019

67th IFC Registration


Registration Fee

  TypeEarly Birdupto 30-Nov-18Regular Reg.upto 31-Dec-18On-SpotRegistration
Rs. 8,500.00Rs. 11,000.00Rs. 11,500.00
Group Registration for 3 or more delegates per company
Rs. 8,000.00Rs. 10,500.00Rs. 11,000.00
Rs. 7,500.00Rs. 10,000.00Rs. 10,500.00
Rs. 10,500.00Rs. 13,000.00Rs. 13,500.00
There will be no kits & hospitality coupons. Only get participation certificate
Rs. 500.00Rs. 500.00Rs. 1,000.00

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