APICON Jaipur 2022

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1. In this section you can fill the form online and make the payment online (CC Card/DCCard/Net banking) only.

2. If you want to make the payment offline (Cheque/DD/NEFT/Cash) please click here to DOWNLOAD OFFLINE FORM.

3. To read all detailed guidelines and terms of registration, please click here for REGISTRATION INFO.

* API Members above 75 years at the time of registration (Senior Citizen) are requested to contact conference secretariat for their registration.


Registration Fee

  TypeTill 31st July 2021Till 31st August 2021Till 31st Oct 2021Till 31st Dec 20211st Jan till SPOT
Rs. 17,500.00Rs. 19,000.00Rs. 21,200.00Rs. 25,500.00Rs. 34,000.00
Rs. 22,000.00Rs. 23,500.00Rs. 26,500.00Rs. 29,500.00Rs. 36,500.00
Rs. 14,000.00Rs. 15,500.00Rs. 17,000.00Rs. 20,500.00Rs. 27,000.00
Rs. 26,500.00Rs. 26,500.00Rs. 33,000.00Rs. 38,000.00Rs. 52,000.00
(Applicable to Senior Citizines above the age of 75 years and API Members only on submission of valid age proof)

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