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Note: 15th & 16th CME - there is no extra charges (complimentary)


Registration Fee

Rs. 9,000.00Rs. 10,000.00Rs. 11,000.00Rs. 11,000.00Rs. 12,000.00Rs. 15,000.00
Rs. 10,000.00Rs. 11,000.00Rs. 13,000.00Rs. 13,000.00Rs. 14,000.00Rs. 16,000.00
Rs. 6,000.00Rs. 7,000.00Rs. 8,000.00Rs. 8,000.00Rs. 9,000.00Rs. 10,000.00
2 Nights (Check-In 16-Aug-19 | Check-Out 18-Aug-19) & 3 Nights (Check-In 15-Aug-19)
Rs. 28,000.00Rs. 29,000.00Rs. 31,000.00Rs. 31,000.00Rs. 33,000.00
Rs. 33,500.00Rs. 36,000.00Rs. 39,500.00Rs. 39,500.00Rs. 43,000.00
Rs. 37,500.00Rs. 38,500.00Rs. 40,500.00Rs. 40,500.00Rs. 42,500.00
Rs. 43,000.00Rs. 45,500.00Rs. 49,000.00Rs. 49,000.00Rs. 53,500.00
Rs. 18,500.00Rs. 19,500.00Rs. 21,500.00Rs. 21,500.00Rs. 23,500.00
Rs. 23,250.00Rs. 24,250.00Rs. 26,250.00Rs. 26,250.00Rs. 28,250.00
2 Nights (Check-In 16-Aug-19 | Check-Out 18-Aug-19) & 3 Nights (Check-In 15-Aug-19)
Rs. 29,000.00Rs. 30,000.00Rs. 33,000.00Rs. 33,000.00Rs. 35,000.00
Rs. 38,500.00Rs. 39,500.00Rs. 42,500.00Rs. 42,500.00Rs. 44,500.00
Rs. 34,500.00Rs. 37,000.00Rs. 41,500.00Rs. 41,500.00Rs. 45,000.00
Rs. 44,000.00Rs. 46,500.00Rs. 51,000.00Rs. 51,000.00Rs. 54,500.00
Rs. 19,500.00Rs. 20,500.00Rs. 23,500.00Rs. 23,500.00Rs. 25,500.00
Rs. 24,250.00Rs. 25,250.00Rs. 28,250.00Rs. 28,250.00Rs. 30,250.00
2 Nights (Check-In 16-Aug-19 | Check-Out 18-Aug-19) & 3 Nights (Check-In 15-Aug-19)
Bonafide certificate mandatory from HOD
Rs. 25,000.00Rs. 26,000.00Rs. 28,000.00Rs. 28,000.00Rs. 30,000.00
Rs. 34,500.00Rs. 35,500.00Rs. 37,500.00Rs. 37,500.00Rs. 39,500.00
Rs. 30,500.00Rs. 33,000.00Rs. 36,500.00Rs. 36,500.00Rs. 40,000.00
Rs. 40,000.00Rs. 42,500.00Rs. 46,000.00Rs. 46,000.00Rs. 49,500.00
Rs. 15,500.00Rs. 16,500.00Rs. 18,500.00Rs. 18,500.00Rs. 20,500.00
Rs. 24,250.00Rs. 21,250.00Rs. 23,250.00Rs. 23,250.00Rs. 25,250.00

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