75th National Conference of Indian Association of Occupational Health - OCCUCON 2025

Registration Fee


Registration Fee

  TypeEarly BirdUpto 31st May 2024RegularUpto August 31st 2024LateUpto December 31st 2024SpotFrom 1st January 2025
Rs. 8,260.00Rs. 10,620.00Rs. 12,980.00Rs. 15,340.00
Rs. 10,620.00Rs. 12,980.00Rs. 15,340.00Rs. 17,700.00
Rs. 4,130.00Rs. 5,310.00Rs. 6,490.00Rs. 7,670.00
Rs. 5,900.00Rs. 7,080.00Rs. 8,260.00Rs. 9,440.00

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