Electrical Contractor & Installation

Electrical Contractor & Installation

(A) Official contractor has been appointed to undertake all electrical work on-site to all shell scheme and raw space booths including lighting installation, wiring and connection, etc. For safety reason, no other electrical contractor will be permitted to carry out any electrical works on-site.

(B) No electrical installation may be suspended from the roof of the exhibition halls or affixed to any part of the building structure. No fitting may protrude beyond the boundaries of the installations and must be adequately protected against excess current

(C) No multi-plugs are allowed as it may cause an overload, electrical tripping and machines/items damaged, which requires several hours to restore. Organizer and official contractor do not undertake any responsibility if the machines or items damaged by electrical tripping or overload.

(D) Contractor and exhibitors who provide their own lighting fixtures will be charged the lighting connection Each lighting connection charged per item which is in maximum 100watt per fixture.

(E) Lighting connections are charged according to the number of tubes and bulbs lighted on the stand. Light boxes charged according to the number of tubes in each light box. Exhibitors or contractor is strictly not allowed to use power point for lighting items.

(F) All electric lighting must be at least 2.2 metres above floor level.

(G) All lighting must be kept to within the confines of the exhibition booths, no lighting shall protrude out into the a ways.

(H) Contractor are compulsory to order temporary power if required power for set up and dismantle.

(I) Exhibitor / contractor are required to order sufficient power supply for any machine / cooking and boiling item to avoid electrical tripping.

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