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PHOTONICS-2016 is the thirteenth biennial international conference that will be held at IIT Kanpur from Dec. 04 – 08, 2016.  Registration is essential for participating in the conference.  Though conference papers are to be submitted in a different portal for reviewing, the accepted paper may only be presented by the registered participants. Papers with incomplete registrations will not be a part of the conference.

Registration does not include accommodation. However, a registered participant may be instructed to revisit this page for payment of “Any other Fees” that may accrue.  Every transaction made would accumulate a Bank Service Charge of 4% that would be automatically added to the amount to be paid by the user. 

In case of any query, please email:


Registration Fee

  TypeEarly Bird Till 21st August 201601 June to 21st August 2016Regular till 20th November 201622nd August to 20th November 2016before 30th November / On Spot21st November to 30th November 2016
Rs. 7,650.00Rs. 8,500.00Rs. 9,350.00
Rs. 4,250.00Rs. 5,100.00Rs. 6,375.00
Rs. 5,100.00Rs. 5,950.00Rs. 7,225.00
Rs. 11,900.00Rs. 12,750.00Rs. 15,300.00
Rs. 9,000.00Rs. 10,000.00Rs. 11,000.00
Rs. 5,000.00Rs. 6,000.00Rs. 7,500.00
Rs. 6,000.00Rs. 7,000.00Rs. 8,500.00
Rs. 14,000.00Rs. 15,000.00Rs. 18,000.00

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