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Dear Team,

We are Pleased to Inform You that In 2024 Edition of SUPRA SAEINDIA, We will have CV Segment and EV Segment.

HR Meet Will be Conducted at SUPRA SAEINDIA 2024.

Following are the Registration Guidelines:

  1. One College can register for Any one segment or Both as well, But the Team members of both teams must not be same.
  2. Total Registration Fees will be INR 60,000 Plus GST for CV segment and INR 60,000 Plus GST for EV segment.
  3. Registration fees will be collected in 2 phases, 1st Phase (That is at present) INR 30,000 Plus GST for CV and INR 15,000 Plus GST for EV segment and INR 30,000 Plus GST will be collected in Second Phase in January/February 2024 for CV segment and INR 45,000 Plus GST will be collected in Second Phase for EV segment.
  4. Organising Committee will go through the EV teams profile those who will register in 1st Phase and May conduct technical interviews for the EV team members to check the capabilities of the team to Make an EV vehicle, Upon qualification of the Interview round EV team will be allowed to go for 2nd phase of registration which may be scheduled in January/February 2024. If the teams are not allowed to go for 2nd phase of Registration, 1st Phase registration fees will be refunded. CV teams will directly pay the second phase fees INR 30,000 plus GST in January/February 2024 and will proceed further without any Interview Round.
  5. If The EV team is unable to qualify for second phase, They can even opt for CV and continue the Registration by paying INR 45,000 plus GST in second Phase.
  6. Team Alteration will be allowed up to 10 members per team at the time of second phase of registration.
  7. Final Event will be conducted in BIC, Greater Noida in the Month of Oct/November 2024.
  8. Supra Technical Workshop for both CV & EV (Free of cost) will be conducted at 3 different locations in Feb/March 2024.
  9. Each Team will have a Mentor (Alumni of SUPRA) Assigned by SUPRA SAEINDIA by December 2023 who will help teams to resolve queries in consultation with the SUPRA Organising Committee.

Last date of registration has been extended till 30th December

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