Security, Access, Insurance & Entry Points

Security, Access, Insurance & Entry Points



All personnel working in the exhibition halls must wear the official MIMF 2019 pass at all times. Organiser reserved the rights to evict any exhibitors not wearing the official pass together with the lanyard provided.

Exhibitors shall be responsible for all exhibits in transit to and from and within the confines of the exhibition area or venue. The Organizer and hall management will not be responsible for any theft, loss or damage of exhibits/ displays during the teardown period advised to monitor their own exhibits/displays at all times.


Organizer will not be responsible or be liable to any exhibitor, their employees, contractors or agents in respect of any direct or indirect loss or damage to any exhibit or property or injury to person, arising out of or in any way connected with the exhibition. Exhibitors are strongly advised to purchase indemnity insurance to cover public liability and all risk against such loss or damage, risk of fire, injury caused by themselves/employees/agents, natural disaster or any act of God throughout the duration of the exhibition including setup, move in and tear down period.


Exhibitors or contractors shall not use loading bay for storage/staging of goods or any other purpose than for the prompt loading and unloading of goods. All the necessary unloading or loading of items from or to individual vehicles shall be carried out at loading bay.

The carting of goods shall only be routed to or from the centre and the exhibition halls. No personal or company's vehicle that is not loading or unloading is allowed to park at loading dock.

Hand carry loading procedures are limited to cars, mini-vans, station wagons or pick-up trucks (cannot exceed 20 feet (6.1metres) in length and 12.5 feet (3.8metres) in height). No full-sized trucks or trailers will be allowed to unload via the hand carry loading procedures.

Please also note that the shutter for Loading Dock will be closed for unauthorized loading activity during actual event days. If you need to use the Loading Dock during actual event days for whatever reasons, please seek the approval of the PWTC Management. In the event of misconduct, the PWTC Management shall clamp any vehicle parked at Loading Dock and a fine of RM200 will impose for its release.

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