Construction and Booth Fittings

Construction and Booth Fittings


  • The standard height for all shell scheme booths is 2.5m (8ft). Any design that structurally exceeds this stipulation must submit an application and seek approval from the official contractor.
  • The walls are of white laminate finish. No nailing, drilling or painting to these walls are allowed. Panels can be affixed to these walls with the use of double-sided tapes only. Failure to comply to these stipulations will result in the exhibitors liable for the total loss as a result of these actions.
  • For shell and upgrade scheme booth - no additional booth, fittings or display may be attached to the shell scheme structure except for those approved by official contractor. Any protruding or cantilever signage must conform to the specifications approved by official contractor.
  • No devices, such as electricity cables, water/compressed air pipes and telephone lines inside or near the booth may be removed, cut or diverted without the permission of official contractor.
  • Exhibitors or contractors are not permitted at any time to obstruct or allow the obstruction of any aisle space, or obstruct access to emergency exits, fire hose and fire extinguisher cabinets and building control access doors or panel, etc. Any encroachment into public aisle ways from an assigned booth area is strictly prohibited. Aisles indicated on the floor plan must be kept clear of all exhibition goods or decorative materials in order to facilitate traffic All display items like buntings, banners, display cases, products etc should be displayed within own booth area.
  • No suspension may be made from the ceiling of the exhibition halls, nor may any fixtures to be made to the structure of the building.
  • While using booths or other facilities rented from official contractor or venue management, the exhibitors must return them in good condition and will be responsible for any damages incurred during the period of use.
  • Exhibitors have to complete and submit shell scheme/raw space form and booth design to official contractor for approval before submission deadline. An approved copy of the drawing is needed before the commencement of booth. Official Contractor / venue management reserves the right to reject any contractor and design deemed inappropriate.
  • Materials used for lining, drapes or overhead structure as per of the theme for the display must be rendered non-flammable. The use of flammable materials is strictly prohibited unless treated with fire retardant.
  • It is imperative that the final outlook of the design structure is identical and similar to the approved design or drawing. Otherwise, venue management or official contractor reserves the right to halt the construction immediately without any notice.
  • Failure to obtain written approval can result in costly alteration on site in the event that the designs or installations contravene fire and safety regulations, booth height and boundary or any space contract rules and regulations. Organiser, venue management or official contractor reserves the right to stop and disallow participation in lieu of failure to submit such designs for approval.
  • Exhibitors involved in the building of multi-level/ double-decker booths must also submit engineering drawings to guarantee compliance of the static loading standards. The drawing must be accompanied by load calculations carried out only by a certified registered engineer under the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).
  • The major painting & spray painting of display and exhibition materials is not permitted in the venue. Only non-toxic, primarily water - based, paints are permitted.
  • All construction works for booths etc must be fully completed during the build-up period. No touch up or correction works whatsoever will be permitted one hour before the event.
  • Contractors bring own generators which must be placed outside of the exhibition halls should they need electrical power during the build-up or dismantle days. No generator and/or oil drum is to be placed on any surface without a metal tray with a raised lip to prevent oil leaks or spillage.
  • Depending on the booth location, all free-standing fittings must be structurally safe and may not exceed the ceiling height of the exhibition hall. In case where a stand design does not comply with the venue's requirements, venue management will require the contractor to obtain a structural engineer's certificate to verify the integrity of the structure or compliance with the relevant legislation.
  • Exhibitors /contractors must ensure the removal of all debris, rubbish and packing materials from the premises in fail which a fee will be imposed. Other than that, exhibitors shall not erect any sign, devices or furnishing ornament outside the stand / booth.
  • Contractor must sign a written contractor activity sheet to guarantee conduct, proper schedule of production and observance of the exhibition and hall regulation. Only when the performance bond and contractor activity sheet is signed, the contractor will be allowed to bring in their materials to the site or commence work.
  • Due to safety reason and parking restriction, exhibitors or/and contractors are not allowed to park at loading bay throughout the actual event period. Any replenishment of stocks at the loading dock, please seek approval from venue management or official contractor. In the event of misconduct, hall management shall proceed to clamp any vehicle parked at the loading bay and a fine will be imposed for every release of the clamp.
  • For booths whose height will go beyond the booth height of its neighbouring booths, the back portion of their fascia or backboard which could be seen from neighbouring booths should be fully painted in white only with no branding. If an unfinished portion of the booth or exhibit display is exposed, the booth contractor must make it presentable at the exhibitor's expenses.
  • Customized structures located on venue's carpeted / tiles flooring must have underlay within the booth area and adequate floor protection before construction starts. Contractor have to install platform / underlay within booth area as well for special requirement from venue management.

Information must be submitted for customized booth:

  • Detailed scale drawing with proposed 3D design, detailed dimensions and height including plan views and elevation.
  • Description of materials to be used for the stand construction.
  • A plan showing it's location within the exhibition. Indicate in the plan about underlay/platform especially build it within carpeted flooring.
  • A risk assesment, to include fire hazzards and method statement.

Information must be submitted for full-enclosed, covered booth with solid ceiling and roofted structure:

  • Detailed scale drawing with proposed 3D design, detailed dimensions and height including plan views and elevation.
  • Roof loading and structural calculations.
  • Specifications of the materials used.
  • A risk assesment, to include fire hazzards and method statement.
  • Structural Engineer's Certificate to the venue management no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the event build-up.
  • A stand that has a roof or ceiling fitted is required to provide additional fire protection equipment smoke detector, portable CO2, dry chemical extinguisher or sprinkler system).

Information must be submitted for double-storey structure:

  • Detailed scale drawing with proposed 3D design, detailed dimensions and height including plan views and elevation of each storey.
  • Elevations including full steelwork and staircase details.
  • Width and position of gangways within the stand.
  • Floor and/or roof loading.
  • Specifications of the materials used.
  • Structural calculations
  • The maximum number of public visitors allowed entry to the 2nd floor or upper level.
  • A risk assesment, to include fire hazzards and method statement.
  • Sufficient illuminated exits signs positioned so that they can be seen to facilitate escape in an emergency.
  • Written confirmation from a Structural Engineer's Certificate, with adequate professional indemnity cover, that the design is safe for its purpose, must be supplied together with the Structural Engineer's Certificate to the venue management and official contractor no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the event build-up.
  • Double-storey strcuture is required to provide additional smoke detector and fire extinguishers - A:B:(E) dry powder type or CO2 type.
  • Where more than 50 people can occupy the upper level, the venue management requires a minimum of two separate staircases leading from the ground floor to the upper level.

Administration Fees and Performance Bond: 

  • Non-refundable administration fee of RM 25.00 per square meter is payable to the official contractor by contractor for liaising with and including securing approval from relevant authorities. Non-official contractor is required to place a refundable performance bond of RM 10,000 per ONE exhibiting company or RM 20,000 (for double deck structure) to ES EXHIBITION SERVICES SDN BHD before permission is granted for the contractor to be allowed to bring in materials into the hall to commence work.
  • Contractor will also have to bear any charges levied by the venue management for any damages caused to their property, flooring or for debris not cleared away.
  • The performance bond will be cancelled for the contractor after the exhibition if the booth is completed on time, and no damages are caused. If contractor does not clear their booth in the given time frame, the performance bond will be deducted accordingly without prior notice.
  • Please submit the administration fee and rental order payment before the deadline. Official contractor reserves the right to stop the contractors from moving in if the above mentions are not received before deadline. Those order form submitted after the deadline is subject to 50% surcharge.

Audio Visual Equipment:

  • Exhibitors are advised that any audio system or electrical device producing irritating, intermittent and/or sequential sounds / noise is not permitted without prior approval from the organizer and venue.
  • The distribution of noisemakers such as whistles, crikets, horns, etc. is prohibited. Audio presentations must be muffled so that the noise does not interfere with other exhibitors, the work of our employees and/or visitors passing through the venue. Any noise emitted must comply with relevant public health, environmental and occupational health and safety legislation.

Food and Beverage (F&B) Policy:


Installation of Portable LED Screen:

  • LED screens must be supported by a hoist. LED cable and power must be properly installed to avoid power leakage. Any stand structure that comes with a LED screen must be supported with a metal frame. The total power requirement and total weight for any LED screen installation must be submitted to the Official Contracotr for review and approval.

Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking is prohibited in the venuw. All public areas, inclusive of foyers, Registration Counters, Meeting Rooms, Organizer's Office, restrooms, Hospitality Lounges and Exhibition Halls are designated as non-smoking zones.
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